Dawn of Days

The Dawn of Days

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“A brave book”


“As a work of fiction, The Dawn of Days is certainly a ‘good read’. It is so much more than just that, however. It also serves as a clarion call to religious institutions, government and citizens alike to observe the events around us and truly reclaim the our heritage, be that as people of faith or lovers of justice.”

— Reverend Roger McClellan, CrossLeft

“Here’s good news for fans of Denis Horgan … he’s back with a novel that examines the dangerous intersection where religion, politics and the media meet… The novel combines allegory with contemporary issues to tell its story, and Horgan spares no sacred cows in his determination to expose hypocrisy.

— The Hartford Courant

In his debut novel, veteran journalist and author Denis Horgan paints an amazing canvas – part adventure, part allegory, part lesson for the ages but in all parts a great story. It can be read as the richest answer yet to the enduring question: “What would happen if Jesus came back today?” A stunning tale of coarse politics and the media and organized megachurch flimflam “religions” that dominate the contemporary scene, “The Dawn of Days” invites the reader to imagine how today’s world would deal with a message and a messenger who challenges it to its very essence.

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