Is This Really Fun?

February 24, 2013  |  2 Comments

90 to 30?
Howabout 30 to 90?

I know the UConn Women’s basketball program is sainted and beyond anything but the most reverential adoration. But come on.

90 to 30?
105 to 28?
119 to 50?
102 to 45?
105 to 49?
101 to 41?
94 to 37?
97 to 25?

Is that sports? The fawning goes on how well they play and how god-like is the coach. But is that what we want from our squeeky clean sports? Massacres? Scores run up crazily high?

This is getting a little stale.

Places to Cut on Budgets Spongers

February 21, 2013  |  12 Comments

Okie doke. They have to cut the budget. Since it is so often said by government haters hat there are so many people sponging on the federal budget, clusters of special interests gorging at the public trough, here’s a start; what government hater would ever object to cut:

Fort Jackson in South Carolina
Charleston Air Force Base in South Carolina
Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina
The McEntire Joint National Guard Base in South Carolina
Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort in South Carolina
The Naval Weapons Station Charleston in South Carolina
Brooks City-Base in Texas
Dyess Air Force Base in Texas
The Goodfellow Air Force Base in Texas
Lackland Air Force Base in Texas
Randolph Air Force Base in Texas
Fort Bliss in Texas
Fort Hood in Texas
Fort Sam Houston in Texas
Red River Army Depot in Texas
The Naval Air Station in Texas
NAS Corpus Christi in Texas
Naval Air Station Kingsville in Texas
Eglin Air Force Base in Florida
Hurlbert Field Air Force Base in Florida
MacDill Air Force Base in Florida
Patrick Air Force Base in Florida
Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida
Camp Blanding in Florida
Air Station Clearwater in Florida
Blount Island Command in Florida
NAS Jacksonville in Florida
Naval Air Station Key West in Florida
The Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida
Naval Air Station Whiting Field in Florida
Naval Station Mayport in Florida
Naval Support Activity Panama City in Florida
Moody Air Force Base in Georgia
Robins Air Force Base in Georgia
Camp Frank D. Merrill in Georgia
Fort Benning in Georgia
Fort Gillem in Georgia
Fort Gordon in Georgia
Fort McPherson in Georgia
Fort Stewart in Georgia
Hunted Army Airfield in Georgia
Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany in Georgia
Kings Bay Submarine Base in Georgia
NAS Atlanta in Georgia

Done with that there’s so many more to cut in Alabama, Mississippi, Wisconsin, etc.

Al Qaeda in America

December 20, 2012  |  No Comments

Oughtn’t the Iraqis have invaded America?
If pursuit of weapons of mass destruction is the passport to walking into someone else’s country and wrecking the place, who could say the Iraqis or Afghans don’t have the same call on coming here that we claimed in going there?
What country has more weapons of mass destructions just lying around than gun-crazy-America?
Imagine, too, that there was an outfit somewhere whose principal mission was to promote weapons amd policies and a lifestyle that have killed far more Americans than did Osama bin Laden? Or the Viet Cong? Or the North Koreans? Or Adolph Hitler? Or the secessionist slave states? Or imperial Britain asmashing its uppity colonists? Would we stand for that?
Of course not. We rattle around the earth blowing up peoples by the thousands or the ones and twos because they don’t like or us or talk big about harming some of us. While we kill ourselves by the tens of thousands. With guns.
But the gun madness and its manufacturers and promoters in the NRA and the Republican party national platform think we don’t have enough guns and no matter the bloodshed their lunatic policies have spilled. American blood. None of our enemies have killed as many of us as has our gun culture — and those who promote it, ankle-deep in the gore of American children, American grief.
Who is our greater enemy then?
Who deserves our strongest assaults then?
Who has harmed us most and who needs to be controlled entirely?
Al Qaeda? Or guns?
Count the corpses and come up with the anwser

Meaningful Action

December 15, 2012  |  3 Comments

What do they imagine, these people who put their love of guns above even their own children and higher than life itself? What will they say when called to the fiery judgment for their awful actions: “I have this bit of paper that puts me beyond Your wrath for all the death and soul-scalding pain. I have this man-made slip of protection that over-awes Your love of your precious creation, the peace Your message sings. No matter how high the corpses might mount, no matter how deep is the tide of the blood of all God’s children, I have the right to have done this.”
Can anyone believe that the eternal hellfires, the spiders and serpents and isolation from the face of God forever, can be deflected by some scrap of law or legislation, some bit of misery-wracked cavil crafted by the Founding Fools who were so right on the commerce clause and footnotes to taxation but so horribly, catastrophically wrong on slavery, the equality of all and the unending wash of sorrow from guns?
Can any amendment, any gun club card, persuade the Creator that the ghastly destruction of his children, the agony of those who love them so, is right because in one miserable place it is merely legal? Those who work so powerfully for this pain will someday stare deep into the eyes of Justice. Do they believe that they can shield themselves from the hereafter they have earned behind some ancient bit of foolish man’s law?
This love of the gun more than the love of our neighbors may go unrewarded here where the men with the guns and the money intimidate all, but there is a greater weighing ahead. It is what we have been told.
And if there isn’t, then to hell with hell.

Lucy’s Cliff

December 10, 2012  |  1 Comment

Cliff schmiff.
Are we ever going to learn?
With each change of seasons we are supposed to be wring our hands and wail to the heavens at the latest End of the World Crisis!!!!! in Washington. Twice a year or so they tell us that Sky Is Falling!!! Doom is inevitable!!! All Is Lost!!! And then nothing happens.
Well, what happens is that they sit down and do what they’re paid to do and resolve the crisis. At the last moment. And we all crawl back in from the roof ledge and put aside the butter knife with which we were to cut our wrists in panic and despair.
Like Lucy and the football they do it do us every year — every single year — and we fall for it every time.
Has anyone ever, even once, heard of a “10th-hour solution”? A “7th hour” resolution? Of course not. All negotiations are miraculuously completed at the very last instant. That’s the way the game is played. You can’t get the other guy to compromise in advance — you need the tick-tocking of some imaginary clock — some Mayan clock, maybe — to allow them to go back to their blood-calling stalwarts and say a compromise is necessary with those demons on the other side.
It always happens. It happens like the tides.
Yet the media and other marionettes dance the panic tune as if it were Verdi. Just as no one would believe the political polls which forecast almost to the ballot how the 2012 elections would come out because where’s the fun in that? so, too, do nearly intelligent journalists caanter around around like monkeys to hurdy gurdy music about the crisis de jour and never once look back to the truth that they did the exact same thing a few months ago.
Can Speaker Boehner go back early to his fire-breathers and say, “We had to give a little?” Of course not. Can President Obama whistle up his supporters early and sday, “It’s time to be practical because it makes sense to be practical now?” No. They have to let it seem to slog toward some imaginary brink (which can be repaired in plenty of time thereafter, anyway) with the hollow-heads running around pellmell As If This Has Never Happened Ever Before In The History Of The World. Except last summer. And spring.
Come on, just do your job and stop scaring people.