Voting Rights Outdated?

February 27, 2013

How ironic that the Supreme Court, dominated by rightwing ideologues, nightriders and barnburners, is dedicating time to airily wondering whether America’s protections of the right to vote aren’t outdated exactly when America’s protections of the right to vote are under more attack than in a generation.
There is not less to fear but more.
The enemy of America’s rights this time is the Republican party — which in state after state is imposing harsh and terrible attacks on Americans’ chance to vote in fair and effective manner. People are denied the ballot for trifles, made to wait in hours’ long lines, abused and treated like criminals by the Republican party.
No distant enemy of the nation has ever caused as many Americans to be discombobulated, harrassed and harried at the polls as has the Republican party with its proud voter suppression campaign. Osama bin laden did less damage to our liberties at the polls than has the Republican party. Bin laden suppressed not a single American ballot — except those of the Ameericans who lost their lives at his bloody hands. Yet the Republicans in state after state have caused thousands and thousands of American citizens to be denied their rights, to be penalized for no crime whatever except their race, national origin or political affiliation.
No doubt the Supreme Court hacks will allow ever new ways for the GOP anti-patriots to inflict their partisan damage on the liberties so many have fought for.
That’s what we’ve come to expect from them.
It’s what they do.

What do you think?