Is This Really Fun?

February 24, 2013

90 to 30?
Howabout 30 to 90?

I know the UConn Women’s basketball program is sainted and beyond anything but the most reverential adoration. But come on.

90 to 30?
105 to 28?
119 to 50?
102 to 45?
105 to 49?
101 to 41?
94 to 37?
97 to 25?

Is that sports? The fawning goes on how well they play and how god-like is the coach. But is that what we want from our squeeky clean sports? Massacres? Scores run up crazily high?

This is getting a little stale.


  1. From what little I know of ordinary basketball games, it sounds to me like they have an average offense and a vastly superior defense.

    If everybody ramped up their defensive game, basketball would turn into a slow-scoring sport like baseball. Maybe that would be less fun.

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What do you think?