Al Qaeda in America

December 20, 2012

Oughtn’t the Iraqis have invaded America?
If pursuit of weapons of mass destruction is the passport to walking into someone else’s country and wrecking the place, who could say the Iraqis or Afghans don’t have the same call on coming here that we claimed in going there?
What country has more weapons of mass destructions just lying around than gun-crazy-America?
Imagine, too, that there was an outfit somewhere whose principal mission was to promote weapons amd policies and a lifestyle that have killed far more Americans than did Osama bin Laden? Or the Viet Cong? Or the North Koreans? Or Adolph Hitler? Or the secessionist slave states? Or imperial Britain asmashing its uppity colonists? Would we stand for that?
Of course not. We rattle around the earth blowing up peoples by the thousands or the ones and twos because they don’t like or us or talk big about harming some of us. While we kill ourselves by the tens of thousands. With guns.
But the gun madness and its manufacturers and promoters in the NRA and the Republican party national platform think we don’t have enough guns and no matter the bloodshed their lunatic policies have spilled. American blood. None of our enemies have killed as many of us as has our gun culture — and those who promote it, ankle-deep in the gore of American children, American grief.
Who is our greater enemy then?
Who deserves our strongest assaults then?
Who has harmed us most and who needs to be controlled entirely?
Al Qaeda? Or guns?
Count the corpses and come up with the anwser

What do you think?