Meaningful Action

December 15, 2012

What do they imagine, these people who put their love of guns above even their own children and higher than life itself? What will they say when called to the fiery judgment for their awful actions: “I have this bit of paper that puts me beyond Your wrath for all the death and soul-scalding pain. I have this man-made slip of protection that over-awes Your love of your precious creation, the peace Your message sings. No matter how high the corpses might mount, no matter how deep is the tide of the blood of all God’s children, I have the right to have done this.”
Can anyone believe that the eternal hellfires, the spiders and serpents and isolation from the face of God forever, can be deflected by some scrap of law or legislation, some bit of misery-wracked cavil crafted by the Founding Fools who were so right on the commerce clause and footnotes to taxation but so horribly, catastrophically wrong on slavery, the equality of all and the unending wash of sorrow from guns?
Can any amendment, any gun club card, persuade the Creator that the ghastly destruction of his children, the agony of those who love them so, is right because in one miserable place it is merely legal? Those who work so powerfully for this pain will someday stare deep into the eyes of Justice. Do they believe that they can shield themselves from the hereafter they have earned behind some ancient bit of foolish man’s law?
This love of the gun more than the love of our neighbors may go unrewarded here where the men with the guns and the money intimidate all, but there is a greater weighing ahead. It is what we have been told.
And if there isn’t, then to hell with hell.


  1. If you’re going to make an argument against guns, invoking the mumbo-jumbo of Abrahamic spiritualism isn’t going to change any minds. Get real. Do gun laws reduce gun deaths or not? Show us some evidence-based arguments, not religious pap.

  2. You made some good points there. I looked on the internet for more info about the issue and found most individuals will go along with your views on this site.

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