The Gift of Mitt

November 15, 2012

Mitt Romney whines that he lost so tremendously to Barack Obama because the president gave so many “gifts” to voters.
Oh, the voters got gifts all right which lead to Romney’s dismal results but it wasn’t at all that Obama helped the women, the young or Latinos with cheesey benefits. No, the gifts they got were the crystal clear representations of the low quality of Romney’s honesty, the squalid character of his rich guy policies, the sleazey style of the man’s campaigning, the unending disdain for women and those not rich, the groin-kick vision of his running mate.
The poor losers, as usual, are trying to come up with every explanation under the sun for their sweeping failure — except the ones that count: They had a bad candidate whose policies were bad for the country and were rejected. They can never admit that they flat lost but, instead, somehow the thing was stolen from them. As before when Romney & Co. sought to invalidate the president’s very essence — his birth, his faith, his achievements and success –they are now trying to reach around the moon for explanation when what they consider the god-given right to rule over mere mortals failed so miserably. Or wonderfully.
They have no idea about America and still can’t imagine that America so soundly rejects their policies. Some even claim they want to secede when, in fact, they have seceded from America’s values and tolerances long ago.
Gifts? Romney is right that the voters had received gifts: The gifts of clarity and understanding of just what a poor choice Republicans are.

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