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November 13, 2012

I know I’m certainly sleeping better knowing that absolutely anyone in the land can snap his fingers and the vaunted Federal Bureau of Investigation will put aside everything else to look into frisky private and personal e-mails. We are so crime free that the nation’s premier law enforcement agency has nothing better to do than look into annoying e-mails. What a great country. J. Edgar Hoover would be so proud.
Of course if the investigating happens to hold the potential for embarrassing a rival agency and, much more important, put the smear job on the President in the middle of an election — and be hastened along by top Republican congressional figures like Eric Cantor — well, then that’s just the purest coinicidence in the world.
Now, after shaking the Petreaus tree, the investigators find even newer stuff on the top general in Afghanistan and his own pen pal.
So here’s another general question: How in blazes are we ever going to get out of the war in Afghanistan if the top general there is sending and reading more than 20,000 to 30,000 emails from his gal pal. How long does it take to write and read 20,000 to 30,000 pages of “inappropriate” correspondance? At a five-minutes-a-message (and you’d hope their little billets doux would take that long) that’s about an entire year of doing nothing else, except catnapping.
You could win a war in less time.
Or lose one.

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  1. Man, Slap: Sounds like a good man. I spent a year sitting with mine in the mniorng waiting for the bus. He was a Marine in the Pacific, a cop, a stone mason (as a second job), a baseball player (turned down the Cleveland Indians because police work was a better way to support a family .can you imagine) and a good, honorable man. I learned so much (much of it stuff my Dad would’ve preferred I didn’t learn) from him in that brief period. Hmm. I’ve experienced that same thing in the gap between asleep and awake. Thank you.

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