It’s Gitmo Time

November 9, 2012

Shouldn’t the Federal Bureau of Investigation just go in and arrest someone? Collaring the governor of Florida or the voting officials in Ohio and elsewhere would be exactly the right step to restoring American liberties.
Given that Florida is like some banana republic – a comparison that deeply offends banana republics – with a criminal at its helm, with ineptitude and corruption at its governing core, who could object if the FBI or Homeland Security were to do a Noriega on these enemies of our freedoms.
Isn’t there something in the Voting Rights Act, muscled into law over the opposition of exactly the same mentalities as now seek to suppress American voting rights, that allows for hard prison time for repeat offenders such as those who work to make such a mess of Americans’ ability to vote?
A little Gitmo time for these guys is in order.
The southside of Cuba is where we send the loathsome Al Qaedas whom we have hunted down to the ends of the world because they are so opposed to our basic liberties and way of life, our freedoms. As horrid as they are, though, no Al Qaeda anywhere has caused Americans not to be able to vote the way Republican officials have done in the past election and beyond. The absolute disgrace in Florida and other GOP satraps is an act of terrorism to our rights as bold and as ugly as anything cooked up in the gnarled heart of the poisonous Taliban. In ways it is worse because it is working: Americans are being denied liberties that were hard won.
And it will only get worse:
Soon the plutocrats will recognize the foolishness of being hosed by skimmers like Carl Rove and others and rededicate their billions toward things that actually work. Like getting the right to vote suffocated. Instead of wasting their money as they did this past season they will apply it more efficiently to their greedy ends. They will fund more voter suppression. The ads didn’t work. The impossible voting requirements did. Thousands and thousands of people suffered because of that.
But maybe if the FBI showed up at the door and perp walked Rick Scott et al. to some slammer time, these enemies of our liberties might have some second thoughts on running so far ahead of the other terrorists.

What do you think?