Squirrel 9, Me 0

October 16, 2012

The small note was tucked under the front door, in spidery handwriting: “My compliments to the chef … but could you double up on the tabasco?” It was from the squirrel who has been eating the pumpkin out front. We tried pepper. We tried hot sauce. We tried everything. I wrote a book with a whole chapter about squirrels; you’d think I’d know better. Being outwitted by a creature with the brain the size of a BB is not flattering.


  1. Krishna Sir, Nice to hear from you about our village.Although we are away,we aaywls eagar to hear & see prosperity of Ghandruk and the Ghandruke.Thank you very much and hopeto hear from you very soon. Krishna Gurung Kot Gaon(residing in The U.K.)

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