Home-Grown Terrorists

September 12, 2012

The other day we spend an incredible amount of time trying to get a photo ID for an elderly relative in a Republican state which enthusiastically joins the GOP’s nationwide program of voter suppression.

Know this: No Taliban or Al Qaeda policy has done more damage to essential Ameircan liberties than has the Republican effort to deny Americans our right to vote. No overseas terorist has cost an American to lose those liberties at all. It is only the Republican party that does that. Who, then, is the enemy of American liberity?

Undr Indiana’s GOP-typical effort, proudly similar to those of at least 30 other Republican Talibanettes, our sister-in-law, deep into her 80s and whose driving license has expirted from non-use, was compelled to produce an original copy of her birth certificate, an original copy of her Social Security card; since she had been married and her name was no longer her birth name, she was requirted to produce an original copy of her wedding license and at least two other forms of identification. She was already registered to vote and had voted since Roosevelt’s time. She needed an identification card and the process was knowingly made incredibly difficult. It is a race- and hate-based policy precisely laden with the contempt for America that we are fighting so vigorously elsewhere. Aren’t we fighting in the wrong place, then?

It took forever even with helpful clerks to get this resolved. Most people would not have the energy, the time, the money and the support to to accomplish this. We are having our cherished right to vote — the essence of Democracy — taken away from us. By whom? By the Taliban? By the Republican party.

What exactly is it that she is trying to that is so terribly offensive to Republican values? To vote in the United States of America!

Show me the “terorists” anywhere who have done that to us. No, it is only the Republican party that is so good at unraveling our liberties, that discounts the struggle and effort it took to win them in the first place — the blood and pain fighting conservative forces, dark and malevolent, that would deny black people, women and so many among the rest of us the right to vote. We thought that that battle had been won but there in Indiana and so many other Republican places we saw with our own astonished eyes how the Republican party had hefted up the goal of the terrorists, the distant and unsuccessful enemies of America, and inflicted the assualt on everything this nation stands and merely for for cheap poitical gain.

Who is our enemy then? Who does us the greater harm? We have liberties and we have rights and someone is taking them away from us. Who?

The Republicans alone — not the Talibans and those other evil forces. The Grand Old Party is the only organized force at work successfully diminishing our core liberties. No one else is succeeding at that.


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  1. Thanks, Denis. We’re getting to used to being oppressed by the ever-increasing nibbling-away of our rights and freedoms, it’s good to have a reminder of how far we’ve gone in the wrong direction since 2001. I don’t think any of these invasive techniques have caught a single terrorist, but they sure have inconvenienced and disenfranchised many thousands. Every time I take my shoes off in an airport, I remember and get furious, but that won’t do. We need to Occupy, I guess!

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