The Do Nothing & Naps Diet

August 13, 2012

We have a new scale that measures me in tiny tenths of a pound. It is great fun.

As with anything new, I use it a lot while the novelty lasts. I notice that I weigh more at night than when I get up in the morning. A pound or more less, day after day. Let’s just┬ásay a pound.

So, dust off the Nobel prize.

If I lose a pound a night — while I never lose an ounce from exercising or eating tree bark or whatever the latest diet fad is — why not just sleep more? If I took a nap instead of wasting my money and energy at the gym I would lose more weight and feel much better, too.

A question: If lose a pound a night, where does the weight go? In a year I’m┬álosing more than 350 pounds. How can you lose 350 pounds? Does it sink into the sheets? All 350 pounds? Is it under the bed? You’d think I’d notice.

This is all very deep to think about. I think I need a nap.





  1. The weight is magically drawn to growing children!

  2. So that’s it!!
    excellent point

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