Get This Man Some Help

February 26, 2012

I hope it isn’t too rude to suggest that Rick Santorum may be becoming unhinged, that he is losing his marbles.

For all the things he might feel inclined to hate. loathe, despise and condemn Barack Obama over, is it really sane to sneer at the President as a “snob” — because Mr. Obama hopes that all our children and grandchildren might be able to go to college. Is college a crime now in the diminishing reason of Mr. Santorum? Apparently. And, apparently, that snobbery would apply to Notre Dame or Villanova or Providence and the hundreds of other Catholic colleges and universities which you might think a cassock-sniffer like Santorum might admire.

And it is a hardly sign of someone with all his screws in tight that Santortum lambastes the doofus Mitt Romney as an “Occupy Wall Street adherent.” What? Romney is so above even the filthy rich 1 percenters that he makes $25 million a year just in the interest on his Daddy Warbucks wealth. He is Scrooge McDuck and Santorum accuses him of being an Occupy Wall Street guy.

Running for archbishop rather than president, Santorum scalds uppity women (and, presumably, uppity men) for daring to make love if there is no baby at the end of it. He seethes that contraception leads to sex without his blessing, much as the old joke had fundamentalists opposing sex because it might lead to dancing.

As a marionette of the Bishops, that much might be expected. But sneering at the president because he, too, shares the uplifting American dream of our kids going to college? College. The oily Romney as an Occupy Wall Street radical? Ron Paul as Romney’s pawn? Ron Paul as anyone’s pawn?

Get this man some help.




  1. Denis – stop trying to make sense of either the fringe right or the fringe left. It will just make your head implode. Good line about the fundamentalists!

  2. The american press is a bunch of biased liberals! If there was ever an argument against that it would be well washed away in the last few weird months. Why else would they follow this guy around reporting and repeating everything this buffoon has to say? They’re joshing.
    It is a good thing that most women don’t sling guns around at political gatherings like the tea party right to carriers did during the last elections or I’m afraid someone would have gone off the deep end listening to this guy by now.
    As a noted columnist. I ask you sir. Do real reporters knock themselves out following this man of great wisdom around?

  3. Iran, Syria, North Korea, China, Pakistan, Unemployment, Gas Prices. And Santorum talks about sex. And people listen.

  4. Whenever there is the danger that maybe people are starting to think, the right-wingnuts bring up the tried-and-true red herrings of sex, gay marriage, prayer in the schools, and (shudder) “they” are trying to remove In God We Trust from our coins and Under God from the Pledge of Allegiance. If anyone wants the American version of the Taliban, vote for Santorum.

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