GOP: Please Vote for Romney, The Others Are So Much Worse!

January 17, 2012

“I sometimes wonder if the Republican Party has become the receding roar of white America as it pines for a way of life that will never return,” writes David Brooks, who pines for a party that will never return — and who has raiseed his 12-year-old son, he tells us, to count John Boehner among his heroes. Twelve years old. Jayzus.

How did this ever happen, that a plastic Ken Doll , an acrylic chameleon, is nearly the least crazed choice among Republicans?

Newt Gingrich is GOP-assailed for telling the truth about the gorging Romney world of ghoulish capitalism and cheered and praised for his pure racism, his des[icable contempt for real working people,  his big moneyed elitism and his scorn for the poor, the black and the unemployed. Rick “Call Me Sarah” Perry imagines that our strongest ally in the Muslim world is a band of terrorists, that our friends the rich Turks who get no aid should not get the aid he says they get, but which they do not. This from a dolt who can’t remember the three little things that he is basing his entire political worthiness upon. The other Rick, Santorum, will have the police checking between our sheets to make sure no one is using contraceptives while spreading hatred and bile on people who’s lifestyles he chooses to loathe — all in the name of Love, theocracy and small government big enough to spy on us all. Ron Paul believes in the law of the jungle when that very jungle would eat up a scrawny old fool like him in an instant, as much as he might not be swallowed easily for all his angry  geezer rantings about banks and people of different color and different nationalities.

Racists. Ayatollahs. Plunderers. Hypocrites. Panderers. Blinded by hate, above all else.

In this menagerie alone, Mitt Romney, programmed and packaged even to the orchestrated wisp of hair that is lacquered “free” from the glisten, looks good. A total fraud by most Republican measures, he towers over his dismal competition. There’s a lot to fault him for but it is not his fault that one chump after another is spawned as opposition by the party of rage and obstruction, the people-hating oligarchs of the Grand Old Party.

This is the best they’ve got.

Racism. Ayatollahing. Plunder. Hypocrisy. Panderering. The blinded of hate, above all else.




  1. How true. What I can’t understand is how so many ordinary people, who are otherwise pretty intelligent, fall for the garbage spewed forth by these clowns and their obstructionist party. What makes them vote against their own best interests?

  2. And D. Brooks was born into a liberal-minded family, in the Village no less, if I’m not mistaken, and somewhere along the trail he lost his way. Too bad he’s towing his son along that same path. But kids have a way of blazing their own trails – in spite of their parents.

  3. The pundits say if you make it in South Carolina you win the Republican nomination.What a shining example that is.
    Do you get to fly a foreign flag on your bus as they do the Confederate flag on their Capitol lawn?

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