M$ $ixpack, Dre$$ing for $ucce$$

October 22, 2008

Of course I don’t much travel in GOP circles where spending a fortune on clothes is barely noticed at all — even as they are lecturing the rest of us as socialists for daring to consider graduated  taxes on such wealth.

For such as me, it’s not only wrong to spend $150,000 on clothes in a month — it’s hard to do. Imelda Marcos can do it. Marie Antoinette can do it. Sarah Palin and other queens can do it. But normal people have a pretty hard time imagining it, never mind doing it.

To save on gas, as I planned to spend $150,000, I went to the web.

Let’s see: $50,000 at Bloomingdale’s. I can get a Sutton Studio Women’s Doubleface (that’s a neat touch to reflect Palin’s hypocrisy in being the billion dollar hockey mom) Cashmere Reversible Jacket for $388; a Michael Kors Women’s “Lattington” Patent Drawstring Tote for only $398; Sutton Studio Exclusive Women’s Cashmere Blazer and Pencil Skirt for $198 and $318; a Dena Women’s Shearling Jacket, $1,495. I am not even denting the 50 grand: I will get 10 James Perse Women’s Cashmere Funnel Neck Cardigans at $575 a pop. Hey, look at this: Taryn Rose Women’s “Denis” Low Wedges: Exclusively at Bloomingdale’s
$450. Denis shoes. Neat. 25 pairs. $450 for shoes? Hey, we’re rich Wal-Mart people, we Palins. Right? What else? A M. Missoni Women’s Wow Dress for $695; a LL Collezioni Women’s Cashmere Long Reefer (which is a coat, not some funny cigarettesa) on sale for $729.99 — I love the .99, but I’m not interested in sales I’m trying to spend more money on clothes at Bloomingdale’s than the average guy earns in a year; you can never have too many scarves so I’ll get a dozen of Bloomie’s exclusive Women’s Pashmina Scarf at only $95 each …

This is hard work. All this and I have still thousands and thousands more to spend. I’ll come back later. Off to Neiman-Marcus where Palin & Co. spent $75,000 in a spree such as all we real Americans do. Who doesn’t spend $75,000 after already spending $50,000?

Now, this is more like it. This is where a hockey mom hangs out: I fancy the Donna Karan Collection Cross Front Gown for $2695 (you know you’re in GOP country when the store doesn’t include a dollar sign on the price 2695; how tawdry to mention that these are actual dollars. And no comma); a Pringle of Scotland Leather Jacket $2395 (is that Pringle like the potato chip?); a Escada Plisse Leather Boston Bag, $1750; five pairs of Oscar de la Renta Embroidered Halter Heels at $595 each; how’s about an Emilio Pucci Cristallo Puffer $1935 and  an Akris Suede Tunic, Knit Mock Turtleneck & Frida Pants for only $895 and $3500…

Man, this is hard work spending so much on clothes. And Princess Sarah, woman of the people, had to do it in a flash. How do you carry it home? Where do you keep it all when you’re moving from state to state campaigning on behalf of the poor downtrodden plumbers and other riffraff who do not get to spend $150,000 in a week or two on clothing?

It must be a typo that she spent $4,716.49 on make-up and haircuts in a month. That is not possible to do. Is it?

Oh, yes, people of the people these Republicans. Just like you and me.


  1. Escada, Plisse, Oscar De La Renta. Sounds like a bunch of Lou Dobbs fearful illegals to me.

  2. I’m so glad that I didn’t give any money to the RNC to futher their conserative principles. I’d sure be po-ed! As it is, let her spend away. It might open a few voter’s eyes.

  3. I bet she gets to keep the shoes. They are the only ones that will fit. Let’s hope she will become a footnote in history

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